Cartells de revista
Museum of Cinema, Girona (Gironès)

Exhibition brings together more than a hundred film advertisements published in American magazines between 1930 and 1964. This unpublished exhibit, coming from the Roger Biosca Collection, wants to be a visual tour through the graphic advertising of one of the most splendid period of the seventh art.
The resource used to integrate the exhibit is the aesthetic of a newsagent’s. Simple construction and low structural organization that formerly used to be wooden and served as a support, exhibition and sales point of newspapers of the time. By means of this constructive system some vertical walls were created, which were necessary to exhibit, orderly and well classified, all the exhibited pieces. Turquoise and red were the colours chosen to dress the exposition, a combination of complementary colours reminiscent of retro, and which works very well with the pointillist treatment that has been given to the graphic image.

Curator: Ricard Mas / Photos: Jordi S. Carrera