Codi petri
Cathedral stairs, Girona (Gironès)

An ephemeral, bold and provocative intervention, conceived with the idea of altering the classical perception of the cathedral stairs. A landscape, moulded by the infinite repetition of reflective rectangular parallelepipeds, placed vertically along the stairs. Volumes with obverse and reverse sides which, thanks to their position and orientation, have a surprising effect on the spectator. A composition that modifies the space, allows the free movement of people and promotes discovery from multiple perspectives.

Design and assembly: Cristina Masferrer I ESTUDI, Gustau Torres and Víctor Almazán / Organized: Girona, Temps de Flors – Girona City Council

Golden Emporia Award, Miscellaneous. Ephemeral Architecture National Awards 2017 / Ephemeral Award. Girona Region Architecture Awards 2018 / Comment FAD Award Ephemeral Interventions 2018.

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Project published in: On Diseño, no. 380-381, June 2018. “2018 FAD Awards”