Immersió estel·lar
Cistern. Girona History Museum, Girona (Gironès)

Disconcerting set design that immerses the viewer in an inhospitable place. A room full of stars that are multiplied until creating a dense and deep universe that goes beyond the actual limits. Provocative intervention that transforms the space with the aim of abolishing any level or reference. The magic effect is materialized with an arrangement of synthetic white petals threaded with black yarn, which in a bath of ultraviolet light seem suspended stars in the air. The composition layout is complemented by reflecting mirrors arranged on the central base of the installation, which multiply the elements in suspension and create confusion to visitors.

Design and assembly: Cristina Masferrer I ESTUDI, Gustau Torres, Èlia Clemente and Karla Medina
Organized: Girona, Temps de Flors – Girona City Council