Món oníric
Basement of the Cathedral, Girona (Gironès)

Highly poetical ephemeral intervention that allows to enter into a parallel world of beauty and mystery. A magical door which leads to the depths of dreams, where reality is blurred in favor of an incomprehensible staging. An intervention designed to be lived and arranged as a linear route that transports visitors to inhospitable places.

Design and direction: Cristina Masferrer I ESTUDI, Gustau Torres and Jordi Albà / 
Technical Coordinator and Media: Marc Batallé / 
Graphic image: Cristina Masferrer I ESTUDI / Organized: Girona, Temps de Flors – Girona City Council / 
Sponsor: BBVA CX / Photo: Jorge S. Carrera

Finalist project. Ephemeral Architecture National Awards 2016 / Finalist project. Girona Region Architecture Awards 2017