Nit de Bresca
Olot (La Garrotxa)

Intervention located in the passage that is a result of the partial demolition of the old cinema Colon, a space that connects two busy main streets, but which due to progressive abandoning today is a degraded and damaged place. Lluèrnia Festival has been the excuse to transform this place, changing a lugubrious passage into a happy one that invites you to explore it. It was the pre-existing architectural space that provided the idea of the intervention, while at the same time proportioning its execution. It is about a wooden false ceiling with hexagonally shaped holes which let the light pass as if they were lamps. From a basic material such as paper is, and playing with yellow emulating the hives of bees, new sources of light are created that transform the space at a very low cost, providing warmth and sensorial surprise to the viewer.

Design and assembly: Cristina Masferrer I ESTUDI, Irene Llusent and Jordi Ginabreda / Graphic image: Cristina Masferrer I ESTUDI / 
Organized: Lluèrnia Festival – Olot City Council / Photograph: Joan Ginabreda

Selection Emporia, Best lighting. Ephemeral Architecture National Awards 2014

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Project published in: Diari de Girona sunday magazzine, 23 November 2014. “Construir amb la llum”