Santa Eugènia Square I
Saldet (Alt Empordà)

Reform and interior rehabilitation of a 146m² house that stands out for its volume and for the rustic and manufactured materials blend. The ground floor is open and multifunctional and gains a feeling of spaciousness by communicating spatially with the upper floor. Special here the use of steel decking to build the ceiling, a typical material of industrial buildings, which in this case has been left to be seen. The stairs to the upper floor is an element with strong character that begins the first section as a piece of masonry and continues the second part with folded sheet iron, a harmonious combination that brings spaciousness and lightness. Upstairs you will find a multi-purpose area that acts as a distributor to different rooms, and where the careful work of carpentry partitions will attract your attention.

Collaboration: Arnaldo Basadonna (architect)